Do Men see you as “Temporary Girl” or a Marriage-Material Girl? (DeAnna Lorraine)

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Dating Coach DeAnna Lorraine breaks down the real reason why guys that you’re dating will suddenly lose interest in you or won’t want to commit to you or propose!

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2 thoughts on “Do Men see you as “Temporary Girl” or a Marriage-Material Girl? (DeAnna Lorraine)”

  1. Hi Deanna,

    I just saw you on WAR ROOM. I support u and will send money in OCT. I need advise on how to stop women from approaching me. I love one girl who is 62 years old and a medical doctor, business owner, multiple apartment owner, and doesn’t look a day over 40. She is very jealous and I do not want to lose her. I am a trained spy and linguist. Just going to the store makes girls approach me. Can U advise me how to turn girls off?


    Ron Hamilton

  2. Great video!

    That was exactly right advice. I went to see a girl every day for 5 years. She was always offish with me. Then I changed tactics. I went and asked for help. I had no shoes or socks, no shirt and an old pair of shorts. She and her daughter helped me immediately with no guarantee of getting their money back. She didn’t know I am a rich man and 8 years younger and an officer and a gentleman and an American, and a Knight and a Scottish nobleman. But, she helped anyway. I proposed in July 2019. We will be married on 29 November 2019 and I am taking her to my mansion in Yerevan, Armenia on my private jet for the honeymoon and it will be a surprise and my driver will bring her in to me in my Mercedes. I do wonder how you know how we think? But, good 4 U and good advice to girls. In August 2020, I will take her to my Penthouse in Batumi on the Black Sea. Honest girls win!!! I will support your campaign against Nancy. I never heard of you before the War Room w/ Owen. Good move and even if u don’t win this time, next time u will. Talk to Candace Owens also if you have time.


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