How to approach a girl: the 7 false beliefs on approaching girls (video)

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Are you aware how to overcome a woman or are you currently afraid to even try since you think she’ll reject you? Within this video, I am going to express the “7 False Values On Approaching Women” that many men have.

1. Women don’t wish to be contacted. Yes they are doing! But with a guy you never know what he’s doing. [:37]
2. Women are mean. Must be girl looks mean, does not mean she’s. Say hi and discover. [1:29]
3. Getting declined sucks. Getting switched lower is not badly as getting started within the balls. [2:05]
4. Women can’t stand get lines. That’s true. So avoid using a cheesy pick-sponsor. Say anything. [2:46]
5. She’s a boyfriend. Must be girl is hot does not mean she’s a boyfriend. Just request. [3:00]
6. She’s married. If you wish to determine if she’s married have a look at her ring finger. [3:26]
7. Basically approach her I’ll get declined. You do not know unless of course you attempt. You need to attempt to know. [3:34]

When you are getting over your fears and false values if this involves approaching women, you will find that they are really a lot more receptive to being contacted on your part than you thought possible. Approaching women and perhaps getting declined is not something to become scared of. It’s to become overcome.

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