How to Get a Girl to Notice You

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o get a girl to notice you, the answer is not to waste $1,000s of dollars (or Euros or whatever) on clothes, shoes and the latest phone to hopefully look like you’re good enough.

You are already good enough for most women.

If you weren’t, then you wouldn’t see guys who you feel better than with pretty girls.

You see that often, right?

You see a guy with a girl and think, “What is she doing with him?” and you notice that he’s nothing special.

You know that you’d almost certainly be a better guy than him.

Yet, you probably don’t have the confidence to walk up and talk to girls you find attractive, right?

That’s what is missing for you.

When you have the ability to walk up and talk to girls that you find attractive and are able to instantly make them feel attracted to you (e.g. by being confident, using humor, being charming), then you won’t be trying to hopefully get a girl to notice you.

Instead, you will select the girls you want and then approach, attract and seduce them right away.

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