How to Know if You and a Woman Are Compatible With Each Other

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No man is compatible with every women he meets and that same rule applies to women.

A woman might be beautiful and sexy, but have a horrible personality that feels incompatible to most men she meets.

When you’re out there meeting women, don’t worry if you meet women who aren’t compatible with you – it is completely natural, normal and expected.

When you use my approach to women, most women will feel attracted to you, but that doesn’t mean that you will like all of those women and that they will feel 100% compatible with you. Many women will have sex with you purely based on attraction, but the relationship with die after a while if there isn’t much compatibility.

When you meet a woman who you are compatible with, you will feel it and it will become more and more clear to you the more time you spend with her.

The best approach to finding the right girl for you is to just meet a lot of women, attract them and then see what happens.

You might find your perfect girl the first time you go out approaching or the 100th time, but you will find her.

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