How To Tell If a Woman Is Into You

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Hey guys! Have you ever wondered if a girl likes you?
Do you feel like guessing a woman’s feelings is like trying to learn morse code?

Well, there’s a number of signs to look for that will tell you if she’s interested or not. And that’s what I will share with you in this video.

My name is Kate Spring, I’m a relationship and dating coach from Victoria, BC, and I want to show you how to tell if the girl you like also likes you.

First of all, it is important to understand that men and women communicate in somewhat different ways and for different reasons. Men typically communicate to achieve an end goal, for example, making a plan to hangout; in contrast, women communicate to maintain relationships. So for men to understand some of the signs to indicate whether a girl likes you or not, we have to be open to different ideas.

In this video I will share 8 signs that a girl is into you.

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