The Number One Reason Why You Can’t Text an Ex Back

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Most texts will turn an ex off because 70-90% of communication between two human beings is determined by body language and tonality. So, when you send her a text, she has to GUESS what state of mind you are in and what your body language and tonality would be like if you had said that to her in person.

When it comes to an ex, she will usually have a NEGATIVE perception of you at the moment, so she will guess that you’re in a needy, desperate or insecure state of mind, which will turn her off you even more.

You should only text an ex if the purpose of the text message is to get her on a PHONE CALL, so she can then feel attraction and respect for your confidence and emotional strength. She can also feel attraction when you make her laugh and can create a positive, easy-going vibe with her.

Almost every other type of text will actually turn your ex off you because she will assume that you’re in a needy, desperate or emotionally weak state of mind when sending the text. This turns women off because women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness.

Don’t waste time with pointless texts to your ex. It doesn’t matter how many “text your ex back examples” you find online. They will not help you. You’ve got to get her respect and attraction back ON THE PHONE and then arrange to meet her in person so she can feel MORE respect and attraction for you.

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