Things to Say to Get Your Ex Back

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What to say to get your ex girlfriend (or wife) back depends on the stage of break up.

Things that should also avoid saying and doing include:

– Desperately talking about your feelings for her and hoping that if you pour your heart out, she will take pity on you.
– Asking to tell you what to change. Women don’t want to give you the answers on how to re-attract them, otherwise they feel like you’d be faking it.
– Begging for another chance and promising that things will be different.
– Asking if there’s someone else. Women want you to always be confident in your attractiveness to them, even if they attempt to break up with you.
– Saying nasty or insulting things to her to make her feel bad for breaking up with you.

In the video above, I provide examples of things that you can say to an ex to get her back.

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