What a girl wants?

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Wow, that’s a complicated question because there aren’t two women who wants the same. But in my experience I’ve found some personality characteristics in men that are attractive for women, so here we go.

That’s a difficult one thinking about enough happen to be stated and discussed demystifying women: and absolutely nothing has been adequate. Here’s a listing of Top 6 things most women want inside a guy: now we can’t promise this really is all it might decide to try conquer the beloved lady you’ve always dreamt of, but what is, it’s a reasonable start!

Wit & Humour

So enough using the myth that women is only going to be seduced by superman or tough-badass-trans am-sporting-tattoo-carrying men! Women love men who’re funny, witty, attractive-even somewhat cute (yea, that’s allowable): men who are able to make women laugh and have fun without needing to be unnecessarily intense!


Confidence, OMG is paramount. A man with full confidence may be the greatest switch on for just about any reasonably wise woman! Confidence inside a guy allows the lady realize that a man respects themself, and in exchange would respect her too!

Physical Attraction

We can’t – anybody cannot ignore that one at this time. Granted to it’s not necessary to become Kaira Pitt, or even better a The Actor-brad Pitt lookalike, but you probably know this, when they physical chemistry isn’t touching a harmful high, odds are your relationship with this particular girl may touch a harmful low!

Shared Interests

See here’s the one thing: following the initial ‘pop’ and ‘awww’, you will need to have something to discuss with this particular girl! We’re unsure rapport will go anywhere without getting something in keeping to discuss and address. So discover if she loves to read, or write, sing or skate: dance, drive or do tennis.

After which measure your choices!

Good Hygiene

Trust us: a woman loves a wacky look only as long as it isn’t supported by doggy-breath or foul-smelling arm starts whenever you place your arms round her shoulder! So go for this men – have a bath from time to time, brush the teeth and tuck for the reason that shirt.

Clean – believe us happens to be the brand new sexy!

Honest Listener

Yea. So everyone knows just how much a woman can talk. It may touch unbelievable levels, everything jabbering and men: let’s just say your short attention span isn’t any few secret either.

What exactly does which means that? This means that the wise girl will require max 60 seconds to determine if your guy is hearing her or has ended up away inside his mind.

Therefore if you’re really into this girl, you’re most likely going to hear her diligently, honestly – otherwise, we guarantee, she’ll discover. Also it stops getting pretty, right about then!

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