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Are you tired of going out with your same group of friends and meeting the same type of women? The type that are only interested in your one friend who already has a girlfriend? If this is you, don’t worry because I’m here to help. Hi I’m Kate Spring, dating and relationship coach from Victoria, BC, and I want to dispel some of the myths around where to meet “hot women,” ones to turn into your girlfriend. I’m here to share with you some new places to try and meet women.

I remember a time in my recent past when my sister and I were both single, and we were tired of meeting the same type of guys. Ones with fleeting emotions. Guys that settled momentarily on you and a second later moved on to the next. Looking back on those times and those experiences, I asked myself where I spent most of my time trying to meet my potential boyfriend, and my answer was the bar. That might have been my first mistake.

But just before we get started, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you, personally, as soon as I can!

So, in my life, I have yet to meet someone at a bar and create a meaningful relationship. As someone looking for a relationship, more often than not, bars are a good way to take your mind off of someone. But bars are a poor foundation to start something meaningful. If you are always meeting people when you have been drinking, you don’t really have a clear mind that will capture everything that is there. You can miss a lot of things and people.

If you’re just looking to hook up, then, yes, bars are a great place to do that. And rather than seeking advice on meeting women of quality, perhaps you should head on over to a video lesson in safe sex. But this video might give you the foundation to pursue a relationship with the potential of intimacy.

But onto our solutions! If you are always looking to meet women in the same place, maybe try somewhere else. Don’t limit yourself to where you might meet someone that catches your eye. Public places are a great start. With the pervasiveness of social media, dating apps and dating websites at our disposal, I think we have many ways to meet people. It just depends on how you plan to use these.

We’re so information rich and…. Well, also sometimes overwhelmed. The comedian Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance talks about how the baby boomer generation would generally marry the people within their neighborhood because that was their social circle. Nowadays proximity isn’t the only reason to date someone, but it might be a nice place to start.

Meeting new people through your current friends and friends of friends is one place to explore. This is an exciting way to meet people, but it has both pros and cons. A pro being that things might go well between you are your new girlfriend, someone whom you met through one of your friends. A situation like this means that you have an immediate friend group to hang out with, share social events, and enjoy dinner parties together, yada yada. The con of this might be the reverse, where you don’t get along. That can create a little tension in existing friendships. But, hey, people are resilient and we move on… hopefully.

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